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Музыкальные инструменты

Master: A. I. Leman (1859 – 1913) – legendary russian master of violin thing and the first expert in Europe Contemporaries called him Russian Stradivari
Violine name: Ancient artisan violin Rose, 1911 year
Direction: Violin concert plan
Size: 4/4, the golden-brown varnish
Assembly: case, 2 bows, 4 strings, 4 choppings, 1 button, rosin
Description: Musical instrument in the working condition play The violins of Leman are called animated Master treated them as living beings, and each gave personal name: Rose, Queen, Not Mached, Psikheya and others He did not hide his secrets of the understanding of the violins He wrote 15 books regarding this theme Leman conducting scientific experiment in the field of the tools of the acoustics Before finding the formula for violin he created 2400 drawings of different models of violins life-size, he made more than 5000 varnish, he burned 4000 violins 240 violins – masterpiece None of the violin is similar to others, he did not repeat, each original
P. S: The violins of Leman according to the sound and sizes do not have competition even among the musical instruments of Stradivari Оnce in one of his books Leman written: If Stradivari was alive I would like to be his teacher
Price: 4900 еuro

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